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When I was growing up, my mother or grandmother would bake a pan of biscuits, my favorite one to eat was the middle biscuit. I loved the smooth, soft sides and crispy brown bottom. I can still taste the buttery flavor and feel the warm goodness. Leftover biscuits were never thrown away. In our simple country home, we never wasted anything. We could take leftover biscuits toast them with butter and brown sugar and make a scrumptious snack. We used them to make bread pudding, chicken and dressing or filled them with meat for biscuit sandwich. No one wants to prepare a new meal from scratch every evening. Through my blog Middle Biscuit Kitchen I hope to provide you with recipes and cooking tips to help make cooking for your family delicious, but less time consuming. I hope you will enjoy reading and following.

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Elaine J. Standridge

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